How to Moth Proof Your Rolled Carpet Easily

Before rolling up a carpet which is to be put away, put sheets of newspaper all over it, pinning or stitching these down, and then, when the rolling is done, cover the outside also with newspaper and tie it securely with string. Even if you take no other precaution against moths this treatment should keep the carpet reasonably safe from attack.

How to Prevent You from Wasting Lemons

We often use lemon juice. Sometimes we need just a few drops of lemon juice. If we cut a lemon to get few drops, then the chances are that remaining cut lemon will dry out. Don't waste the lemon. Stick a fork at one end of the lemon and squeeze the required amount of lemon juice. Now keep the lemon in the fridge. It won't dry out and ready for further use.
            Hope this tip will prolong the life of your lemon.
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Best Supplement of White Wine in Recipies

It happens sometimes that you need small amount of white wine for your recipe, but you don't have it at home.

Now you have two options. Either you buy a new bottle of white wine or prepare the recipe without it. I am going to show you a better option. Use chicken stock in place of white wine. It is cheaper and gives similar results.
                      So next time you lack white wine for your recipes go for chicken stock.
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How to Ignite Fire More Effectively on Camping

If you love camping you must have faced problem in lighting the fire.
The candle usually blows up before lighting the fire. Don't worry. I have a trick. Instead of burning an ordinary candle, use magic candles. If the wind blows it off, it will relight itself in a few minutes. You won't face the problem of burning the candle again and again to light the fire. Enjoy.
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How to Heal Pet's Cracked Paw Pads

Are you a pet lover? Do you love them just like your kids? Then, you must be aware of their pain. Animals couldn't speak so they can't tell you their problems, but your good understanding could help them. As you know, animals don't have shoes or something like we human do. So there paw pads get easily cracked due to rough surfaces.

To make them soft and clean, just wash their pads every day and after drying them, apply some Petroleum jelly like Vaseline. Cover it with socks for few hours so that Vasaline is absorbed properly and not licked away. They will get smoother. 
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Boiled Corn on the Cob Trick

Boiled corn on the cob is a favourite dish of my children. I want to share a tip for making it more delicious. 

Add a pinch of sugar while boiling it. It will bring out the natural sweetness of corn.
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Free Wardrobe Freshener

We all use our favourite perfume and usually throw empty perfume bottles. We can have lingering & lasting fragrance in our clothes way after finishing our perfume bottle.
Do you know empty perfume bottles could be used as a wardrobe freshener? It can freshen up your entire wardrobe or drawer. So the next time you finish your perfume you don't have to throw the empty bottle. Just wash your clothes in a normal detergent and keep the empty perfume bottle with them. You will have nicely scented dress ready for you.
               You can even use empty wrapper of your favourite soap for a fragrant wardrobe.

How To Refresh Soggy Lettuce

Want to make salad and oh......lettuce is soggy.

Don't worry. Soak it in cold water with lemon juice. After sometimes you will have crisp lettuce for dinner.To prevent lettuce from sagging, put it in a zip lock bag with paper towel. Paper towel will absorb the moisture and the lettuce will remain crisp.
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How To Clean Kitchen Cabinet Top Effortlessly

One of the tiresome jobs of a housewife is to clean the kitchen cabinet tops. it used to get yucky with dust infused kitchen grease. What if we can manage to keep it clean without scrapping ever? 

It is possible. Take old new papers or paper shopping bags and cut it off the size of the top the cabinet. Lay it on the top and secure it with tape. Forget it for few months. When it gets dirty, replace it with fresh paper or news paper. Your kitchen cabinet top gets clean instantly.

How to Avoid White Bottom Of Chocolate Cake

Kids are asking for your special chocolate cake. You baked it. It came out perfect. Spongy, soft, but what's that white stuff at the bottom of the cake.

How to Avoid White Bottom Of Chocolate Cake

Oh ... it's the flour you dusted before pouring the cake batter. To avoid this, use cocoa when flouring a pan for chocolate cake. Your chocolate cake will turn absolutely delicious looking.
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How to Remove Paper from Wooden Furniture

If you see a paper stuck to your wooden furniture, don't try to scrap it with sharp object like knife. It'll damage your furniture. Here are two methods to help you.

1 … Get some salad oil or baby oil and pour it a few drops on the paper. Let it set for some time. Wipe it with soft cloth. Repeat it until the paper is completely removed.

2 … Paint the paper with several coats of white vinegar. Let it soak in. Now gently scrape off.

             Hope this will help. Share your method to remove paper from wooden furniture with us in comments.

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How to Make Buttons Stay Longer

Everyone loves to do shopping.Girls are especially fond of buying clothes. Buttons are the important part of almost all the garments. But most of the time they easily get loose or broken due to weak thread and it is very irritating.
                  But don't worry; next time when you buy a new cloth, just apply little clear nail polish on each button. It will seal the thread and this way they will remain there for a longer time.

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How to Freeze Frosted Cake

My children love frosted cakes. It’s easy to freeze and very handy when unexpected guests come. But when we wrap it before freezing it the beautiful frosting sticks to the wrapping paper. It spoils the beauty of the frosted cake.
           Here is a tip to avoid this disaster. First, put your frosted cake in the freezer without any wrapping. When the cake is frozen, get it out and wrap it. The frosting won't stick to the wrapping paper. Put it back in the freezer. When you want to use the cake, take it out from the freezer and enjoy. Do remember to remove the wrapping before thawing your cake. This way the beautiful frosting won’t get spoiled and you will get appreciation from your guests.
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Wallpaper Cleaning Test

       You love your wallpaper but don't know whether it is washable or not. Don't worry.Clean a small inconspicuous spot of wallpaper with all purpose cleaner.

       That way you will be able to test without ruining your expensive wallpaper.
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How to Soften Hard Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is widely used in cooking in many parts of the world. But with time it gets hard and becomes difficult to make powder. To soften it again put a slice of apple in the box with brown sugar.It will lose its hardness and becomes soft.
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How to Prevent Salt clogging

Salt is a good source of sodium and it is very much needed in our regular diet. But during rainy season, salt gets clogged due to absorption of moisture. Clogged salt is very irritating.
          But not to worry anymore. Now you could say Bye to salt clogging by putting few rice grains into the salt shaker. These grains will absorb moisture from the bottle and keeps it free flowing.
               Do tell us whether it worked for you or not. And if you have any other tip then please share with us.

How to Keep Cats Away

Cats are very good pet and they are really cute. Keeping pets help in reducing tension. They are man's good friends. But sometime they become annoying and try to disturb us. Sometime even stray cats enter our houses. It is really difficult to keep them away. But there is a way to do that.
       Spray some vinegar on those areas where you don't like your cat to sleep or roam. This will keep them away. Cats don't like its smell. It's easy trick, just try.
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How to Remove Nail Stains

If you are fond of wearing dark nail polish you might be facing the problem of stained nails. Don’t worry. Brush your nails with whitening toothpaste and nail brush and all stains will be gone. Admire your beautiful nails.
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