Wallpaper Cleaning Test

       You love your wallpaper but don't know whether it is washable or not. Don't worry.Clean a small inconspicuous spot of wallpaper with all purpose cleaner.

       That way you will be able to test without ruining your expensive wallpaper.
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How to Soften Hard Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is widely used in cooking in many parts of the world. But with time it gets hard and becomes difficult to make powder. To soften it again put a slice of apple in the box with brown sugar.It will lose its hardness and becomes soft.
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How to Prevent Salt clogging

Salt is a good source of sodium and it is very much needed in our regular diet. But during rainy season, salt gets clogged due to absorption of moisture. Clogged salt is very irritating.
          But not to worry anymore. Now you could say Bye to salt clogging by putting few rice grains into the salt shaker. These grains will absorb moisture from the bottle and keeps it free flowing.
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How to Keep Cats Away

Cats are very good pet and they are really cute. Keeping pets help in reducing tension. They are man's good friends. But sometime they become annoying and try to disturb us. Sometime even stray cats enter our houses. It is really difficult to keep them away. But there is a way to do that.
       Spray some vinegar on those areas where you don't like your cat to sleep or roam. This will keep them away. Cats don't like its smell. It's easy trick, just try.
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How to Remove Nail Stains

If you are fond of wearing dark nail polish you might be facing the problem of stained nails. Don’t worry. Brush your nails with whitening toothpaste and nail brush and all stains will be gone. Admire your beautiful nails.
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