How toPrevent Sandwich from Becoming Soggy

When going to picnic tomato sandwiches are the favourite of my kids. But I don't like it because it becomes soggy.  Here is a solution for this problem.
         When making tomato sandwiches for packing purposes put a lettuce leaf flat on both pieces of bread and butter and place tomato between the leaves. This prevents the tomato from soaking into the bread and making it "soggy." Moreover, sandwiches are much more appetising made this way
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How to Make Shade for Young Plant from Waste Material?

Do you have some young plants or flowers in need of shade? I'll tell you a nice method to make shade from something you otherwise throw away.
              Take the most decrepit of umbrella frames. Covered with hessian, or even paper, and tied to a stake in the ground, they are invaluable as shades for your young plants or flowers. 

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How to Save Time While Making Cakes

I love to bake cakes for my kids. I've a tip  to speed up the preparation time by eliminating the time to cut the brown paper for cake tin. 
       Save the clean brown paper from parcels when you come home from shopping. Cut it to fit your cake tins, and put aside. You will have  a supply of paper linings for the tins and thus save time when making cakes.
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