How to Avoid White Bottom Of Chocolate Cake

Kids are asking for your special chocolate cake. You baked it. It came out perfect. Spongy, soft, but what's that white stuff at the bottom of the cake.

How to Avoid White Bottom Of Chocolate Cake

Oh ... it's the flour you dusted before pouring the cake batter. To avoid this, use cocoa when flouring a pan for chocolate cake. Your chocolate cake will turn absolutely delicious looking.
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How to Remove Paper from Wooden Furniture

If you see a paper stuck to your wooden furniture, don't try to scrap it with sharp object like knife. It'll damage your furniture. Here are two methods to help you.

1 … Get some salad oil or baby oil and pour it a few drops on the paper. Let it set for some time. Wipe it with soft cloth. Repeat it until the paper is completely removed.

2 … Paint the paper with several coats of white vinegar. Let it soak in. Now gently scrape off.

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How to Make Buttons Stay Longer

Everyone loves to do shopping.Girls are especially fond of buying clothes. Buttons are the important part of almost all the garments. But most of the time they easily get loose or broken due to weak thread and it is very irritating.
                  But don't worry; next time when you buy a new cloth, just apply little clear nail polish on each button. It will seal the thread and this way they will remain there for a longer time.

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How to Freeze Frosted Cake

My children love frosted cakes. It’s easy to freeze and very handy when unexpected guests come. But when we wrap it before freezing it the beautiful frosting sticks to the wrapping paper. It spoils the beauty of the frosted cake.
           Here is a tip to avoid this disaster. First, put your frosted cake in the freezer without any wrapping. When the cake is frozen, get it out and wrap it. The frosting won't stick to the wrapping paper. Put it back in the freezer. When you want to use the cake, take it out from the freezer and enjoy. Do remember to remove the wrapping before thawing your cake. This way the beautiful frosting won’t get spoiled and you will get appreciation from your guests.
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