How to Prevent You from Wasting Lemons

We often use lemon juice. Sometimes we need just a few drops of lemon juice. If we cut a lemon to get few drops, then the chances are that remaining cut lemon will dry out. Don't waste the lemon. Stick a fork at one end of the lemon and squeeze the required amount of lemon juice. Now keep the lemon in the fridge. It won't dry out and ready for further use.
            Hope this tip will prolong the life of your lemon.
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Best Supplement of White Wine in Recipies

It happens sometimes that you need small amount of white wine for your recipe, but you don't have it at home.

Now you have two options. Either you buy a new bottle of white wine or prepare the recipe without it. I am going to show you a better option. Use chicken stock in place of white wine. It is cheaper and gives similar results.
                      So next time you lack white wine for your recipes go for chicken stock.
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How to Ignite Fire More Effectively on Camping

If you love camping you must have faced problem in lighting the fire.
The candle usually blows up before lighting the fire. Don't worry. I have a trick. Instead of burning an ordinary candle, use magic candles. If the wind blows it off, it will relight itself in a few minutes. You won't face the problem of burning the candle again and again to light the fire. Enjoy.
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