How to Paint Ceiling Without Making A Mess

Painting a ceiling is a difficult job. It creates lots of mess with inevitable drop in. Roller splatters make the cleaning a tiring job. Here is a tip to make the after paint cleanup less tedious.

                 TO paint a ceiling without making a mess, get a large rubber ball. Cut it in halves and drive a hole through the middle of one half. It should be just large enough to fit the handle of your paintbrush tightly. The arrangement will catch all drips and save a great deal of cleaning up.

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How to Add Garden Fragrance for Your Lingerie

Did you know that you can use the flowers from your garden to perfume your clothes?

 THE delicate fragrance of many of our sweetest flowers can be imprisoned in your clothes. So why not gather them from your own garden, crush them into tiny muslin sachets, and place with your lingerie. In this way, your clothes will retain that subtle suggestion of perfume so desirable to every dainty woman.

 A bunch of violets left in a drawer for half a day will perfume clothes sufficiently for a special outing in the evening-especially if your garments are slightly warmed first.

 The flowers should be gathered when the sun is hot, crushed, and put into muslin bags, to avoid staining, and then placed in boxes and drawers.

After using flowers in this manner, you will never return to heavy bottled perfumes for lingerie. There is nothing to compare with the delightful freshness, and suggestion of delicacy, which real garden fragrance gives-without cost, and in such a simple way.

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