Free Wardrobe Freshener

We all use our favourite perfume and usually throw empty perfume bottles. We can have lingering & lasting fragrance in our clothes way after finishing our perfume bottle.
Do you know empty perfume bottles could be used as a wardrobe freshener? It can freshen up your entire wardrobe or drawer. So the next time you finish your perfume you don't have to throw the empty bottle. Just wash your clothes in a normal detergent and keep the empty perfume bottle with them. You will have nicely scented dress ready for you.
               You can even use empty wrapper of your favourite soap for a fragrant wardrobe.

How To Refresh Soggy Lettuce

Want to make salad and oh......lettuce is soggy.

Don't worry. Soak it in cold water with lemon juice. After sometimes you will have crisp lettuce for dinner.To prevent lettuce from sagging, put it in a zip lock bag with paper towel. Paper towel will absorb the moisture and the lettuce will remain crisp.
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